August 3, 2009

baby loves mixtapes // vol. 00


beach + _____ = summer

Along with all of my other projects, I have been looking for a way to share music with you on this blog, and now I feel like I have found a decent system and worked out most of the kinks. I think it is time for a test run.

I love making mixtapes. Sometimes I spend hours and days working on one, only to start over completely, and other times the tracks just fall together in minutes and I am done.
This playlist got thrown together awhile back and had it on my ipod for a test listen. It sat neglected as an unfinished playlist but one day I needed something new. I liked it so much that I have not changed anything and have been listening to it for over a month straight.
I want to share it with you now - enjoy.

baby loves mixtapes // vol. 00

01 Dnttakemy Wingss Away - Islands
02 Weakest Part - Yo La Tengo
03 The Wisp - Simian
04 Dreamer - Tiny Vipers
05 Earthly Bodies - J. Tillman
06 Beach on the Moon (Recycled Lyrics) - Kurt Vile
07 Two - The Antlers
08 Talamak - Toro y Moi
09 Freeway - Kurt Vile
10 Sun Was High (So Was I) - Best Coast


Look for volume one in the near future. That is all.


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