July 3, 2009

Froberg Vegetable Farm.

It was such a beautiful day, I wanted to get out and do something fun.

I have fond memories of traveling out into the country for fresh watermelon and strawberries when I was young. One farm my mom took me to was Froberg Farm in Alvin.

I did not consider how busy it would be the day before the fourth. Unfortunately for me, they were all out of strawberries - they said it had been a busy morning and they sold out fast. It made me miss the days of pick-your-own berries.
They did have quart cups of tasty sweet cherries, but cherries are not berries, so I did not get any.

Various freshness:

Hot Tomato Peppers

Hot Banana Peppers

Hot Serrano Peppers.
(I love peppers.)

Freshly Harvested Corn.

Just Picked Tomatoes.

When I was really young I was surrounded by freshly jarred fruits and vegetables. Lately, I have found myself strongly attracted to small batch and home jarred goods.
Froberg's offers their own line of preserves and jellies, salsas, and pickled cucumber and beets. They looked amazing and were very reasonably priced, so I picked up strawberry and fig preserves and a huge jar of pickles. The ingredients of the fig preserves include only figs, sugar, and water and I dug in as soon as I got home - all I can say is Amazing!

Jars and jars.

Froberg's also offers local farm raised meats.

Pecan Smoked Pork Sausage "Sandwich."

From the Alvin Convention and Visitors Bureau website:

"Froberg family farm is run by the third generation of Froberg farmer and his wife. In the late 1930's, Fred and Katie Froberg bought the property where the current store sits. Froberg's Farm started as a small strawberry farm where people were allowed to pick their own berries. Now the farm raises not only strawberries, but also blackberries, satsuma oranges, persimmons, figs, and all kinds of vegetable, all are picked fresh everyday. Tours are available by request during May and November, Monday through Friday. The farm is located on Country Road 190. For more information call 281-585-3531."


You should check it out. That is all.


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