July 29, 2009


Keeping the fermentation going. Inspired by my friend Amy's failed batch and a fellow food blogger's recipe , I decided to try my hand at yogurt making on Sunday.
Now, my knowledge of yogurt is limited to what I like and I certainly have never made my own, but the recipe seemed too straight forward to not try:

"A quart of milk + half a cup of good yogurt + heat + time =
Two pints of homemade yogurt!"


I chose Promised Land Reduced Fat 2% Milk and for the yogurt I used White Mountain Bulgarian Premium Whole Milk Yogurt. Go Texan!
The blogger continues:

"I just heated the milk to 170º F, cooled it down to 112º F, added the yogurt starter, and poured the mixture into warm jars. I left the jars full of pre-yogurt soaking in hot water (108-112ºF) inside a cooler (with a meat thermometer keeping track of the temperature... I added more hot water when it cooled below 108º F). 6 hours later - yogurt! "

Following these directions, I also ended up with two pints of yogurt. The consistency is not quite as thick as the original but the taste is the same. Yum!


I think I will look out for ways to improve on my results (maybe less milk, maybe whole). Perhaps I will try a different starting yogurt - though this one is my favorite.
That is all.

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